Leasing Advantages

Express Equipment Finance offers fast, flexible leasing programs designed to take the headache and guesswork out of the leasing process. Our goal is to develop a “WIN-WIN” relationship that meets or exceeds your expectation.

Superior Vendor Services
• Fast, flexible credit decisions. High approval ratios.
• Industry specialists and experienced account managers.
• $5,000,00 leases and up. No limit.
• Financing for all ages of equipment.
• All leases are non-recourse. You will never be asked to buy a deal back.
• Fast funding. Usually within 48 hours.
• Express Equipment Finance handles all the paperwork.
• Profit sharing programs are available.
• Co-op marketing services are available.

Complete Customer Service
• 100% of equipment cost is financed.
• Conserves bank lines for other needs.
• Guaranteed payment schedules. Fixed payments for the term of the lease.
• Flexible terms, such as: annual, semiannual, quarterly and seasonal payment schedules.
• No financial statements are required up to $200,000.000 for established companies.

Leasing in General:

• Keeps your current lines of credit available for other uses.
• Conserves cash for expenditures for which financing is not available.
• Matches cash outflow with cash inflow over time.
• Allows for investment into other areas of your business.
• Can be used for installation, training, shipping and other “soft costs.”
• Often allows for an “expensing” of monthly payments at tax time.

Our credit programs are flexible and allow us to approve a wide range of customers. We will consider all credit situations. However, the items below can create approval problems.

Especially those established within the past five years and without significant re-establishment of credit history.

Unsatisfied Credit Issues
With satisfactory explanations, we will analyze open judgments, collections and charge-offs.

Low Average Bank Balances
Average low bank balances are those below $1,000.000 and inhibit credit approval regardless of time in business.

New Businesses
We work with new businesses where the owners have above average credit.

Recent Negative Credit History
A potential customer who has had many late payments, collections and/or judgments would be a risk to any financial institution. We will investigate most credit issues in an attempt to overcome the customer’s negative history. We make it a policy to overlook late payments and collections when there are only a few, and they are not within the last two years.

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